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This post is written to help you out in solving your law problems easily.

First step is to solve any problem is to read the given question cautiously to make certain you know what is requisite. Read carefully all the key words and phrases that specify the type of answer you are likely to provide while writing law essay. Below mentioned few points that you should consider while answering an essay;

·         Discuss all the given details and their explanation starting from all sides of the argument. Attempt to reach at a conclusion.

·         Weigh your points are worth of discussing or not in regards of facts and practicality.

·         Study the topic inquiry; discover or display the core or structure of the topic.

·         Evaluate the value or significance of the thing; assess the topic according to question.

Once you have understand the question and how it should be answered then write down a proper plan so you can see how it is going to begin, its main body and the last is the end of answer before you begin to write your essay in detail. The plan will help you to write accordingly and will ease your mind to concentrate about the question. This will also help you to answer more rationally and as well assist you to skip any irrelevant information. Keep writing down the ideas that com in your mind.

The first paragraph of your essay should be consisted on introduction part in which you will write about the approach which proposed you to choose this topic. In the main body of the essay you will concentrate on all key points of the topic and will try to answer briefly for your audience. Always use a new paragraph when you are stating a new point. Does not use long and complex sentences in your writing; keep it simple, short and concise. Attempt to propose every key idea with examples, making flawless where it was that statistics or quotes you use derived from.

The last part of any essay summarize the main points and state your ideas if related. You can also endorse suggestions for improvement of law in the conclusion part. 

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If you are a student who is planning to write a law essay but not sure about from where to start and what you to write then British Essay Writers are here to help providing essay writing services UK. We have experienced pool of talented writers who are available for your help 24/7. Our writers write exceptional quality content which is plagiarism free as well as we pay special attention to grammar and structure so you could get free of errors content.

Here this blog post is about sharing with you how to plan your law essay so you can acquire the best scores in your grade card. When you are planning to write an essay, you are required to identify the requirements that are being given to you by your supervisor. Every essay consists of three main parts; introduction, body/main discussion, and conclusion part, except of dissertation, report, or thesis writing.

You have got the topic for your essay, now you are required to do thorough research before you start writing. You have to take important notes first and make drafts before you start your essay. What a sample law essay plan must include, mentioned below;


The introduction part of an essay will define the previous and present background of the topic, what question has been asked and how it refer to any previous work of an author or researcher. Introduction part of an essay is always light and simple so the reader who is going to read your essay can make up his or her mind about what you are going to discuss next in details.

Body/ Main Discussion

This part of an essay mostly covers the topic or the question on which you have assigned to write an essay and mostly the most critical part of an essay. Discuss all the necessary details and provide relevant information in this part. Do not forget to answer the question of your essay in the body of an essay. The discussion part of an essay should be detailed and written perfectly because that’s where your supervisor evaluates your performance.


This part of an essay offers conclusion or summarize your whole essay. When you are going to write conclusion for a law essay, keep it simple as you are not going to open for any other discussion so only talk about those point which you have already discussed in your introduction and main body part, give your suggestions if any on the topic and close your discussion.

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Are you a student who thinks writing a critique paper is difficult? If your answer is yes then do not worry as there are many students who feel the same like you. Writing a critique paper is the important part of academic writing; no matter what are your majors and what career you are pursuing. Critiquing a paper enhances your learning power and skills that help you in your future.

Here in this post we are sharing some tips to make you understand, how to write a perfect critique paper!

  • ·         First step of writing is to begin reading the article or book; you are about to critiqued at first. Start reading introduction part of the article, read thoroughly for analyzing and gathering the information about previous researches in the introduction part.

  • ·         Next step is to read whether the study method is precisely stated or not? Make sure you are noting down all the ideas and question that are coming in your mind while reading the paper. When you ensure finished understanding the paper, then you can discuss it back to your original questions and look for those questions that have not been answered yet.

  • ·         Another step is to read and evaluate the results section and make sure whether the available details are correct. Analyze the graphs and tables whether they are labeled exactly or not.

  • ·         Last point is to read the discussion section of the article and understand the results given by study researchers. This section provides the golden opportunity to students to take part and create your own point. If you think researchers are not correct then pin point the problems and give alternative suggestions to them.

When you are going to structure your critique paper makes sure to follow the following structure;

  • ·         Start with the introduction heading; begin by describing the article and writer you are criticizing. Make available the major hypothesis statement and give detail why you consider the data is appropriate.

  • ·         Provide the thesis statement in your paper as this is the main point of your paper which you are evaluating. Your thesis must concisely summarize the key facts of your evaluation.

  • ·         Write a short summary of the critique paper, drawing the key ideas, outcomes and debate. Make sure the paper is highlighting the important points you are evaluating. Try to focus rather than providing your audience a complete idea on the written content of the paper.

  • ·         In analysis section make sure you have defined the issues you have with the write’s procedure, or conclusion or regarding the article. Your analysis must emphasis on issues with the writer’s disagreement, appearance or on appropriate data, and substitutes that have disregarded.

  • ·         Form your paper cautiously and beware not to hurdle everywhere from one argument to the next. Argue one idea at a while. Your evaluation paper must finish with an outline of the articles argument, your assumptions and your responses.

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Essay Writing is a consistent task that means you have to keep on going and writing the paper when it has been assigned to you. However, many students find it difficult to be consistent when it comes to writing so for those students British Essay Writers is here to assist in essay writing UK. We offer assistance in different subjects like nursing essay help, law essay help, marketing essay help, and so on. You can buy law essay as well as nursing essay from British Essay Writers.

First step is to never leave your work out of sight. Keep it near from where you can reach it easily and remember it. For example, if you are going to work on any other assignment so you must need to keep its material on desk so it could be in front of your eyes. Another example is, if you need to edit and proofread a document, keep it on your desktop so you could not forget about it, keeping it in bunch of files, this may remind you of your work and your document will be edited more rapidly.

Another step is to keep your work place organized and spotless. A spotless desk will help you doing your more easily. It’s not good to keep all the books and pile of notes on your table, messy and disorganized desk represent chaotic mind.

If you are starting your work from any middle chapter then do not worry, because many people like to start their work not from first chapter but from last or any chapter which comes in the middle, like if you do not want to write introduction first then you can go for literature review and complete it before. Do as you prefer and feel convenient for you.

Do not worry about writing first draft, no matter how worthless and junky you write. At least you may learn to write and will get an idea what essay writing is all about, your goal is to produce more pages so write as much as you can in your own way. Express your thoughts into writing and make important points.

Do not worry about your writing style as no one writes perfectly at first attempt. Compose as many drafts as you can as practice makes the man perfect.

Give yourself little breaks because you cannot write continuously or work all day long. You will not produce any quality work; your brain wants a rest every little while so it is better to work according to schedule. 

Ask for advises from your seniors and supervisor. They have already dealt essay writing before and have experience of writing a essay. They will tell you and guide you all the important things you need to keep in check during your writing.

Lastly, you have written quite well already and ahead. At times, it gets necessary to rest for a day or two to get the work done perfectly.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

How to improve your writing?

 It is not what you say but how you say count more and this goes with the writing part too. The style of your writing matters a lot, it is not the content which attracts your readers but how you are conveying your message and which style you are adopting in a brilliant way. Though there are things, if you consider can lead you at highest level of your career.

 Here in this post we are sharing some tips to assist you improving your writing style. 

·       Using adverbs could be an aid to fill a place/part when you almost have 1000 words to say but above 2000 words to write. Using fewer adverbs makes your writing more strong and sound less complicated. Try not to overuse adverbs in your writing else it will confound your topic. 

·       Do not think your writing appears better if you write long sentence. Do not use long sentences when you are writing although using longer sentences sound fancy to you but remember people like to read short sentences which are easy to understand and making sense in less span of time.

·       When you have completed your writing piece, use spell checker to correct any spelling mistake. There are many word processors available to use for correcting any typo error. You can fix them to autocorrect the errors you create the maximum, or focus on improper words that you overdo.

·       Your readers leave the paper when they find repetitive words in the paper. Try to build your vocabulary bank which can abandon the repetition of words.  Let go words or phrases are that can be removed without altering the importance of the sentence.

·       Always use active voice in your writing as its favors more than passive voice. Active voice is straighter and cuts down on the number of desired words. Readers prefer to read short words and active voice is the best example to express your message clearly in writing form.

·       Be specific in writing, use concrete words that are less vague and easy to understand. Unclear language deteriorates your writing since it forces the audience to speculate at what you are saying rather than letting the reader to focus completely on concepts and style. Select precise, expressive words for more influential writing.

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