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Are you a student who thinks writing a critique paper is difficult? If your answer is yes then do not worry as there are many students who feel the same like you. Writing a critique paper is the important part of academic writing; no matter what are your majors and what career you are pursuing. Critiquing a paper enhances your learning power and skills that help you in your future.

Here in this post we are sharing some tips to make you understand, how to write a perfect critique paper!

  • ·         First step of writing is to begin reading the article or book; you are about to critiqued at first. Start reading introduction part of the article, read thoroughly for analyzing and gathering the information about previous researches in the introduction part.

  • ·         Next step is to read whether the study method is precisely stated or not? Make sure you are noting down all the ideas and question that are coming in your mind while reading the paper. When you ensure finished understanding the paper, then you can discuss it back to your original questions and look for those questions that have not been answered yet.

  • ·         Another step is to read and evaluate the results section and make sure whether the available details are correct. Analyze the graphs and tables whether they are labeled exactly or not.

  • ·         Last point is to read the discussion section of the article and understand the results given by study researchers. This section provides the golden opportunity to students to take part and create your own point. If you think researchers are not correct then pin point the problems and give alternative suggestions to them.

When you are going to structure your critique paper makes sure to follow the following structure;

  • ·         Start with the introduction heading; begin by describing the article and writer you are criticizing. Make available the major hypothesis statement and give detail why you consider the data is appropriate.

  • ·         Provide the thesis statement in your paper as this is the main point of your paper which you are evaluating. Your thesis must concisely summarize the key facts of your evaluation.

  • ·         Write a short summary of the critique paper, drawing the key ideas, outcomes and debate. Make sure the paper is highlighting the important points you are evaluating. Try to focus rather than providing your audience a complete idea on the written content of the paper.

  • ·         In analysis section make sure you have defined the issues you have with the write’s procedure, or conclusion or regarding the article. Your analysis must emphasis on issues with the writer’s disagreement, appearance or on appropriate data, and substitutes that have disregarded.

  • ·         Form your paper cautiously and beware not to hurdle everywhere from one argument to the next. Argue one idea at a while. Your evaluation paper must finish with an outline of the articles argument, your assumptions and your responses.

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