Sunday, 1 November 2015

How to improve your writing?

 It is not what you say but how you say count more and this goes with the writing part too. The style of your writing matters a lot, it is not the content which attracts your readers but how you are conveying your message and which style you are adopting in a brilliant way. Though there are things, if you consider can lead you at highest level of your career.

 Here in this post we are sharing some tips to assist you improving your writing style. 

·       Using adverbs could be an aid to fill a place/part when you almost have 1000 words to say but above 2000 words to write. Using fewer adverbs makes your writing more strong and sound less complicated. Try not to overuse adverbs in your writing else it will confound your topic. 

·       Do not think your writing appears better if you write long sentence. Do not use long sentences when you are writing although using longer sentences sound fancy to you but remember people like to read short sentences which are easy to understand and making sense in less span of time.

·       When you have completed your writing piece, use spell checker to correct any spelling mistake. There are many word processors available to use for correcting any typo error. You can fix them to autocorrect the errors you create the maximum, or focus on improper words that you overdo.

·       Your readers leave the paper when they find repetitive words in the paper. Try to build your vocabulary bank which can abandon the repetition of words.  Let go words or phrases are that can be removed without altering the importance of the sentence.

·       Always use active voice in your writing as its favors more than passive voice. Active voice is straighter and cuts down on the number of desired words. Readers prefer to read short words and active voice is the best example to express your message clearly in writing form.

·       Be specific in writing, use concrete words that are less vague and easy to understand. Unclear language deteriorates your writing since it forces the audience to speculate at what you are saying rather than letting the reader to focus completely on concepts and style. Select precise, expressive words for more influential writing.

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